How do I view attendance history?

Use the attendance report to view attendance history for class and event attendees

Viewing Attendance For the Whole Organisation


  • Navigate to Home > Reports > Attendance
  • Use the product filter in left sidebar to choose the product you want to view attendance for
    • You can filter by days and times in your schedule by using the arrows beside the products and selecting your choices, as show below

Side Note: You can select more than one product at a time from the side bar filter to view attendees across multiple products and sessions.

Attendance column

The attendance column will display an attendance percentage. To view a full summary of attendance history, click on the pie chart icon .

Other Features on the Attendance Report:

You can also see reports for:

  • Capacity & Attendance
  • Waiting Lists
  • Triallists

Viewing Attendance through Contact Records

You can also see the attendance for an individual through their record:


  • Navigate to the contact's record:
    • Option 1: Home > Contacts - click the Record contactrecordicon next to the contact's name.
    • Option 2: Home > Timetable > Session - Click the contact's avatar, or the record icon contactrecordin list view
  • Click "Attendance" from the top tab selection