How do I import/Upload contacts?

In this article you will learn how to bulk upload contacts and personal data into LoveAdmin

To help save you time with adding contacts, LoveAdmin comes with with a bulk import tool for adding data and personal information into the system. 

Important: This process is usually completed during your Onboarding process and is not common once your account is live. If you are still going through the onboarding process and this has not been discussed, bring it up in your next call with us.

We advise that we help you through the importing process. It is quite precise and can be frustrating to validate your data cleanly. If you are looking to run an import, it's recommended to contact us first and see if we are able to help with the process.

Using the import tool


  • Navigate to Home > Settings > Data > Import 
  • First click on the 'Download import template' button in the top-right to download the required spreadsheet template
  • Open the spreadsheet once it has downloaded to view the standard column set and proceed with adding your data to the relevant columns

Important: The column headings included in the spreadsheet should not be edited - doing so may result in your data validation failing.

If you store the same data already in different systems under different column headings, simply copy your data from the other source and paste into the corresponding columns in the LoveAdmin spreadsheet.

Side Note: The minimum data required in the spreadsheet is:

first name
last name

user email OR controlling user email

  • Understanding the 'User email' and 'Controlling user email' columns
Only users can log into LoveAdmin, and only one email address is allowed per user. The email address is used by LoveAdmin to uniquely identify users across the system.

Typically the 'user' will be someone over the age of 16, for example a parent or senior club member.

A user can still however have multiple contacts linked to their account; these are known as beneficiaries. For example, a parent may be a LoveAdmin user and have all of their children's contacts linked to them.

In the example below, Reggie McDonald is the parent and LoveAdmin user. 

Ben and Laura are Reggie's children. For the system to recognised Ben and Laura as being contacts linked to Reggie, Reggie's email address must be entered into the 'controlling user email' fields for both Ben and Laura.

Important: A contact cannot have both the 'user email' and 'controlling user email' populated, as demonstrated in the images below.

The data validation step will fail if a contact has an email in both fields; it must therefore be decided if the imported contact is the user or if they are linking to a controlling user.

  • Understanding the 'CD:Data Import:Import Tags' column

Use the 'CD:Data Import:Import Tags' column to add tag words that will help to identify contacts after the import - for example, add the tag 'Under 06's Whites or Tuesday 9pm Recreational, if the contact belongs to either of these products so you can easily allocate them to the right products after the import is complete (see further down). Separate each tag description using a comma, for example:

under 06s whites, club membership, finance support

Validating and Importing the data


  • Once your data file is ready to import, click on the 'Click to upload' button' in the top-right corner and choose your file
  • To ensure the data entered in the file is valid, first click on the 'tick' icon opposite the uploaded file to run a validation check

Important: If any data issues are found, these will be displayed in a pop-up on the screen along with the reasons why.

It is vital you correct all identified data issues before the final import is run.

After you have corrected the issues, upload the file again and repeat the process until the validation is successful.

  • Once the validation is successful, proceed with running the import of your data. Click on the 'Run report' icon from the Actions menu to complete the process.

Note: All uploaded contacts that do not already have a Joinin account will appear in your Contacts. Any uploaded contacts with a pre-existing Joinin account will need to accept and invitation to your organisation before they are visible to you. This is because they need to grant you permission to see their personal data stored in their Joinin account.

Adding contacts to their product groups

Once you have imported your contacts into LoveAdmin, you can quickly search on the tags to help you filter your contact list and allocate people to their products.

Help on how to do this can be followed here.