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Self Training Programme - Products & Schedules

To help you succeed with the software, we have created a set of homework to help solidify what you've learnt in your Overview call

After your Overview call with our onboarding team, we gave you access to a training account for your club. This programme will have you:

  • Add a club logo and website
  • Add and change addresses
  • Introduce shop branding and tile settings
  • Add and edit new products
  • Add and edit new schedules
  • Run a test sign up

Having a go at this yourself will help get your journey with LoveAdmin off to a flying start! All the instructions are in this document and it should take around 30 minutes to complete everything. Our goal here is to try out some of the things we talked about in our Overview call to get you ready for your next training call.

Log in to your training account

You should have received an email with your login details to your training account. Here, you'll be connected to a "sandbox" payment provider that will let you run through the shop and take fictional payments. You'll also have a set of uploaded members to play with.

Please note that the sandbox account cannot send external emails.

If you have not received access yet, please contact us!

Update your Organisation Settings

Home > Settings > Organisation > Details

Tip: Headings like this one with the triangular brackets ">" in them are the location on your account where you'll find the options to do what you need to. This is used by LoveAdmin to help you navigate exactly where you need to go. In this case "Home > Settings > Organisation" 

Add a logo

  • Click "Upload logo" on the left side of screen
  • Find a copy of your logo on your PC (or any file!) and upload

Add a website link to the "Website" box

Click "Submit" when finished to save changes

Home > Settings > Organisation > Address Book

Change the main address

  • Click the Pencil icon and enter your changes
  • Click "Save" when you are done

Add another venue address - this doesn't have to be a real address.

  • Click "Add address" in the top right of the screen
  • Enter the address information
  • Click "Save" when you are done

Home > Settings > Organisation > Colours

Change the colours (affects joinin)

  • Choose the "primary colour" from the dropdown
  • Choose the colour you'd like and click "Save preference"
  • Repeat for "primary text colour" and "secondary colour"

Home > Settings > Organisation > Shop Tiles

Add a shop tile for "Holiday Camps", "View - Session"

  • Click "Add shop tile"
  • Click the pencil next to "new tile" to change the name. Change the name to "Holiday Camps"
  • Change the view setting to "Session"
    • If you'd like to, change the colours and upload an image
  • Click the save icon on the far right when you're done

Side Note: Remember that for your account, we'll be designing and setting up the shop for you, but it's useful to know how it works yourself.

Creating and editing Products & Schedules

Home > Settings > Products

Add a Product to an Existing Group

Firstly, we're going to add a product to an existing product group. Placing a product in an existing group means it will inherit all of the settings from the group itself, and we would only need to make it public, add a price and create a schedule for it.

  • In the top-right of the products page, click the blue "Add product" button.
  • Select "Product"
  • Type of product: Class
  • Name the product (anything you'd like!)
  • Add to existing product group: Select whichever group you'd like to add this product to
  • Leave the price blank and click "Add new product"

At this point, your new class has been added to the product group and inherited all the group settings.

Note: This is how you would create a brand new class. If you want to add days to an existing class, you only need to edit the schedule, which we'll see below.

Set as public

  • Choose the product from the left bar. You may need to expand the product group first.
  • Open the "Details" tab
  • Under "Status", select "Public"

Note: This setting will allow the item to appear in the shop if it has a relevant shop tile. A "Private" item will not be visible in the shop.

Set a price

  • Choose the product from the left bar. You may need to expand the product group first.
  • Open the "Pricing" tab
  • By default, the price will inherit from the group. We want to override this pricing. To do so, click "Add Price", then "OK", then "Add Price" again.
  • Here, set the price you'd like and the unit. Then click save

Note: There are a few different units and options here that it's useful to understand:

Calendar Entry: The price per individual session.
Schedule: The price for the whole schedule of sessions.
Month: The price per month.
Hour: The price per hour.
Minute: The price per minute.

Purchase Options:
Any day, any time: Allows people to pick a single session at any time on your schedule. Think pay as you go!
Same day of week, same time: Signs people up to a day and time that will run for as long as your schedule does. This is your standard recurring class.
All calendar entries: Books a member onto all days and times in a schedule. This is for people needing to attend every session.

Creating a New Product Group and Building a Camp

This time, we'll be making a brand new product group with its own settings, separate from the above session.

Create a Product Group

  • In the top-right of the products page, click the blue "Add product" button.
  • Select "Product group"
  • Type of product: Event
  • Name the group "Holiday Camps"
  • Click "Add new product group"

Create a Product and add it to that group

We've done this once already, so see if you remember how. If not, scroll up! Name this one "Holiday Camp 1"

Create Settings for the Product Group

By changing product settings for the "Holiday Camps" product group, the "Holiday Camp 1" product will also change with it. Try setting up a price for your camp (anything you'd like!) and have a play with any settings for the Product, perhaps setting a capacity or age restriction.

Create Billing Settings

The billing settings are where you can decide when and how your members will pay. Set your item to the following settings:

Training - Billing Settings

Create a Recurring Schedule

Home > Settings > Schedules

Without a schedule, these new products don't actually run. We need to tell LoveAdmin when the classes are so that people can sign up for them. You'll have at least one schedule here already, but we want to create a new schedule for our new products. Recurring schedules will repeat according to your chosen settings.

  • Head to "Home > Settings > Schedules"
  • Click "Add schedule in the top right of your screen
  • A window will appear the schedule options
  • Give your schedule a name and choose the new class that you created earlier as the product
  • Set your duration, day of the week and start time and click the save icon on the right
  • Under "Recurrence" pick a start and end date or set a rolling schedule
  • Click "Save" in the bottom right hand corner

When a schedule is created, those days will be attached to the product and became available options for members to book. If you want to add an additional day or change any other settings, you can edit these schedules any time. To add a new date to an existing class, you simply come into schedules, edit the schedule and add your new date. That's it!

Create a Custom Schedule

Next we'll create a custom schedule that will run on specific days for your new camp:

  • In "Home > Settings > Schedules"
  • Click "Add schedule" in the top right
  • Name the schedule and choose your camp as the product
  • Below here, click "Custom schedule" to change tiles
  • Here, build two sets of dates: 11th-15th of next month and 18th-22nd of next month, 10am-4pm
  • Click "Save" in the bottom right

Run a Joinin Sign Up

The last thing to try, is running a joinin sign up:

  • On your LoveAdmin home page, click the Joinin tile to open your shop
  • Choose and product and add to your basket
  • Go to the basket and run the checkout for your product, all the way to clicking "Complete Checkout" at the end

That's it! Completing this training will really help you on your journey with the software and help you understand the future training you'll have with our onboarding team. Don't forget to watch the settings recording we sent over with this training pack and please remember that if you have any questions, to email us: theteam@loveadmin.com.