I've had my LoveAdmin training calls, what are my next steps?

Hereโ€™s a handy list of recommended next steps and articles to help get you started after your handover and training calls.


Note: If you have any problems with the steps below, remember you can always contact the team. Send any onboarding related queries to theteam@loveadmin.com, or if your requirement is more urgent you can reach us between 09:00 - 17:30 Monday - Friday on 0330 818 8536.


Access to your online account

To sign in as a LoveAdmin administrator any time, use the following URL: https://pro.loveadmin.com

Your customers will access their online accounts via joinin, which has a separate URL:

Learn about the LoveAdmin system Settings

If you haven't at this point, make sure you've watched the Settings training recording available here. Mastering the various system settings will help ensure you always have full control of activity on your LoveAdmin account.

Connect Your chosen Payment Providers

GoCardless or PayPal

Before you can get going, you may need to have your payment providers connected and set up. If youโ€™re using GoCardless or PayPal, take a look at our help articles below to see all the information youโ€™ll need to get that setup:



London & Zurich

If you are using London and Zurich, make sure that any forms that youโ€™ve been sent have been completed and weโ€™ll activate the account for you. If you need to contact us about this, simply respond to this email. If there are any additional forms you may need to complete, weโ€™ll be able to confirm this with you and send them over if necessary.

If you are you using London and Zurich and havenโ€™t yet completed the form, please click the link below to start the process.

London & Zurich Account Creation

Uploading data for members (if applicable)

If youโ€™re looking to get members data uploaded in advance of going live, and that still hasnโ€™t happened by the time you read this article, just let the team know.

If youโ€™ve lost your member upload template, you can download a copy through your account.

  • Navigate to Home > Settings > Data > Import 
  • First click on the 'Download import template' button in the top-right to download the required spreadsheet template
  • Open the spreadsheet once it has downloaded to view the standard column set and proceed with adding your data to the relevant columns

Once you've completed the upload file:
  • Navigate to Home > Settings > Files
  • Upload the file here
  • Send us an email to notify us that the file is ready. From here, we'll clean up the file and get your members onto the system for you.

Are your 'On Product Purchase Emails' turned on?

When a contact purchases a product, they can be sent an "On product purchase" email notification; a nice way to acknowledge a registration or payment.

To design the template as you wish, head to Settings > Communication and edit the system template for "On product purchase".

Just in case...

Tip: We strongly advise you go through the "Homework" article for your training account.

This article can also be useful for creating items on your main account. The article is available here.

Product adjustments

Need to add a product last minute, or adjust some product settings? 

How do I add products?

Schedule adjustments

If you need to make any adjustments to your schedules, here are a few articles that will help you:

How do I set up a schedule?

How do I copy a schedule?

How do I add close dates to a schedule?

The final roll-out

So, everything is ready to go, whatโ€™s next?

Note: Watch our joinin overview video to help your organisation and your customers learn more about the features and benefits.

For n
ew customers and brand-new registrations

Your customers will need your shop link to get started with registering /purchasing your products.

How do I link people to our shop?

For pre-uploaded members

If you have uploaded your members onto the system already, youโ€™ll need to either invite or add them to the products you wish. For full information on product invites, click below.

How do I add or invite people to products?


Let's get underway!

At this point you should be ready to get underway. Remember if you're having any other issues, just contact the team; we're here to support you and help you achieve your success goals.


Welcome to LoveAdmin!