Timetable/Fixtures Overview

The Timetable/Fixtures area gives you visibility of all scheduled activity and offers a variety of features to help you manage your attendees and coaches

The Timetable/Fixture section is a key tool for your day-to-day schedule management. It allows you to view contacts in calendar entries at a specific date and time. 

Side Note: Only products created as classes, events or rental types, and run on a schedule, will appear your timetable/fixture calendar.

Help on how to set up your classes, events and rental, can be found here.

Using the Calendar


An orange icon will display on dates where there is scheduled activity, along with a number that represents the number of entries happening that day. Clicking on a date will display information on the right side with details including:

  • Name of the Product
  • Name of the Schedule 
  • Address information
  • Start and end time 
  • The capacity
  • Coach allocation
    • A green border indicates the coach allocation is complete
    • If you have a Coach Requirement set in the product settings:
      • A red border means more coaches should be assigned to the session
      • You can click on "Coaches X/Y" to assign a coach
  • You can select each entry on a day by ticking the white box in the top right hand corner. This allows you to see a list of all contacts participating in each session.

Inside the Session

If you open a specific calendar entry, you have a number of options inside