How do I create and apply discounts to products and groups?

In this article you will learn how to create your discount strategies and apply these to your different product types

Note: This article contains the basic information for how to create and set up a discount. It is designed to be used in conjunction with our examples article.

For in-depth information on all of the discount settings and how they function, view our advanced article here. 

Creating and editing a discount

  • To add a discount, navigate to Home > Settings > Organisations > Discounts
  • Click on the Add discount strategy to create and add a suitable description, such as sibling discount, or multi-buy discount, and click on the save icon Screenshot_67
  • Description - This is the name of the discount
    • This is visible to purchasers
  • Volume/Progressive Discount Slider - The slider will set whether the discount is calculated as a volume or progressive discount:
    • Volume Discounts affect all purchased items - A volume discount for siblings will give all siblings involved the same discount
    • Progressive Discounts affect just the specified item(s) - A progressive discount for siblings will give just the specified siblings a discount
  • Action - Action icons allow you to save or delete your discount strategies
The range is where you set what triggers the discount, when, how much it discounts and whom it applies to. Click the + icon next to the discount name and click "Add range":
  • Create the discount per the settings required. We'd advise copying the common examples in the article here
  • Click 'Save' when done

Note: Members only will only grant the discount to contacts who have purchased another product that has been designated as 'Consider purchasers of this product as members for the purpose of member-only discounts etc.?'. It does not automatically connect to a 'Subscription/Membership' product.

It is not a commonly used feature, so there is no need to turn it on unless you know you need it. 

View our full help article for more information here.

Applying Your Discounts to Products


  • Navigate to Settings > Products > open the product Discounts settings
  • Select 'Add discount' or 'Multi-Product discount'
  • Select which discount strategy you wish to apply to the product

  • Expiry Date - when this discount will end
  • Calculate Over Period
    • Billing frequency - the discount will be applied each and every time there an invoice is issued
    • Schedule - The discount is applied each time a schedule renews
      • For example, if you are billing monthly for a class that runs on a three-month schedule, the discount will be applied to each month's billing
    • Once, at purchase - The discount will only apply when the product is first purchased
  • Select Save under actions 

Tip: You can apply discounts at the product group level. By doing so, the discount will be inherited by all the products and product sub-groups within this group.
Product groups can be distinguished from products by the folder icon.

Applying Your Discounts to specific Contact Groups

  • Navigate to Settings > Groups
  • Select the Contact Group you wish to apply the discount to
  • Click on the Discount tab from the right menu
  • Click on the sliders to apply the discount to the group
  • Click 'Save'


Caution: When applying a discount to a Group, this will apply the discount selected to all purchases made by contacts within the group. It cannot be specified to apply the Group discount selected to only certain products.