Applying a price to a schedule

In this article you will learn how to offer different prices based on different days or venues that your activities are running on

Important: If you only offer one product price then you do not need to follow the steps in this article.

There may be occasions when you want to assign different prices to the same class depending on the days of the week they run, or for different venues.

For example, your weekday classes could be £10 per session but your weekend classes cost £14. In this scenario, we recommend you create a single product with two schedules - one for your weekday classes and one for your weekend classes, and then assign a price to each schedule.

Another example is that you run the same class at multiple venues and prices vary at each venue. In this scenario, you could create a schedule for each venue and then assign a price to each of their schedules. For help on how to add addresses for your different venues, read our help article here.

Assigning a price to a schedule

If you need help with creating your schedules, then please read our help article here.


  • Navigate to Home > Settings > Products
  • Choose your class or event from the left sidebar and open the Pricing tab from its settings
  • Click on the 'Add price' button
  • Enter your unit price and unit type, and then click on the calendar icon inside the 'Apply to schedules' column

  • Select the relevant schedule from the pop-up window and close
  • Remember to click the 'Save' button once you have finished

When a price has been assigned to a chosen schedule, a red indicator will appear on the calendar icon.