How do I assign coaches to classes and individuals?

In this article you will learn how to assign coaches to the classes/sessions you run, as well as to individuals

Once you have set up your coaches, you can assign them to calendar entries, users and groups from within your timetable. Coaches assigned to sessions will allow them to see and manage the Timetables for their classes and sessions only, without giving them access to all of the members on your account.

Note: Users with the 'Coach' role, can only see the activity of people in calendar entries they are assigned to. They cannot view contacts that are not part of a schedule.

For help setting up your user roles, read our help article here.

Assigning a coach to a class or session

Through Schedules


  • Navigate to Settings > Schedules
  • Find the schedule you want to assign your coach(es) to
  • On the right side, under "Action" click the Assign Coaches Icon: assigncoachicon
  • Select the entries you'd like to assign the coach to, then click "Assign Coach" at the bottom of the window
  • In the window that appears, click the + icon on the right side to assign the coach
    • You can use the "Remove Coach" button to remove coaches from these entries.

Through Timetable/Fixtures Calendar


  • Navigate to Home > Timetable/Fixtures Calendar
  • Click onto a day in the calendar that has activity
  • Click directly onto the Coaches label within the calendar entry session details
  • Select your coaches and save 


Note: This option will not be available if you haven't set a required "# of Coaches" in the product settings.

The red/green left-border of the calendar entry will show as green when the coach allocation has been fulfilled. 

Assign a coach to individuals or groups 

Assigning a coach to individuals, will allow that coach to see those user's details in the Contacts part of the system, not just in the Timetable/Fixtures Calendar.


  • Navigate to Home > Timetable/Fixtures Calendar 
  • Click onto a day in the calendar that activity
  • Click on Capacity within the calendar entry session details
  • Select the individuals (attendees) in the list you want to assign the coaches to (Click anywhere in the blue tile space to select the tile)
  • Click on 'Manage' in the left sidebar > Assign coach