How do I assign coaches to schedules and/or products?

In this article you will learn how to assign coaches to the products you offer

Once you have set up your coaches, you can assign them to specific calendar entries on your schedules through the Product or Schedule settings.

Coaches can sign into LoveAdmin and see within the Timetable/Fixtures & Calendar the sessions they are assigned to only, and view class details and manage attendance

Note: Users with the 'Coach' role, can only see the details for attendees on classes they are assigned to. For help setting up your user roles, read our help article here.

You can also asign the Coach to the product directly, Coaches can then sign into LoveAdmin and see the 'Contacts' page with the members associated to the product and view their contact records

Assigning a coach to a class or session

Through Product Settings


  • Navigate to Settings > Products
  • Find the product/classes you want to assign your coach(es) to
  • Select the 'Permissions' tab
  • Select the coaches you wish to assign to the product

Note: Assigning the coach this way will assign them to the entire product. The coach will be able to log in and see the Contacts page, where they will see all members associated with that product.

Through Settings > Schedules


  • Navigate to Settings > Schedules
  • Find the schedule you want to assign your coach(es) to
  • On the right side, under "Action" click the Assign Coaches Icon: assigncoachicon
  • You can click to assign them to the entire schedule or select the entries you'd like to assign the coach to, and then click "Assign Coach" at the bottom of the window
  • In the window that appears, click the + icon on the right side to assign the coach

    • You can use the "Remove Coach" button to remove coaches from these entries:


Note: This option will not be available if you haven't set a required "# of Coaches" in the product settings.

Once your coaches have been assigned to specific dates in the schedule they will need to log in to the LoveAdmin site  (Note - please advise them not to log in using the JoinIn site) and they will be able to see Contacts and the Timetable/Fixtures & Calendar tiles, within which they can only see the classes they are assigned to. They can then click on individual sessions to view and record the attendance register, and view additional details such as emergency contact details.