Disputed Payments​ / Indemnity Claims

View summarised information about payments that have been disputed by your customers​

A disputed payment is when a person formally initiates a process to have a transaction reversed, as they believe the payment is not authorised or needs to be cancelled due to an invoicing error. The user would do this through their Joinin account. 

You can find the disputed payments report by navigating to Home > Reports > Financials > Disputed payment

The disputed payments report helps you to track the status of each dispute from the point it is initiated to the point it is resolved.

Disputes may be successful or unsuccessful depending on the outcome of the investigation carried out by necessary payment provider, bank or card issuer.

For direct debit payments this is known as an indemnity claim and a process any person making a direct debit payment can initiate by contacting their bank.

All direct debit payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. More information on the Direct Debit Guarantee and how it protects payers can be found here.

Important: You cannot prevent a person from contacting their bank or payment provider to dispute a payment.


  • See which Payer and invoice the dispute relates to​
  • Click through to see which line item was disputed​