How can we send emails from LoveAdmin using our own domain name?

The LoveAdmin system allows you to send emails from your organisation's own domain name. Before you can allow the system to do this, there are just a few steps required. This process is known as 'white labelling'.


  • Provide us with the name of your email domain (this is the part that comes after '@' in your email)
  • We will then send you records to add which will apply to the DNS of the domain

Note: Please note that the email containing the DNS records will come from 'SendGrid', via - please look out for this in your inbox!

Tip: DNS records are typically managed through an online domain control panel.

A login to the control panel will be available on your domain providers website for example, or

Example of how the DNS records are typically applied

Type Host name Value / Points to
CNAME loveadmin


Once this has been done, let us know and we will verify the records have been added. Once successfully verified, you'll be set up and good to go!

Once the above has been completed, emails you send from the LoveAdmin system will come from your organisations own email address, and will allow your members to also reply to the same email address.