How do I link people to our shop?

Once you are ready to invite customers to browse your shop and begin registrations and purchases, you will need to share the URL to your shop

Tip: To help drive traffic to your shop we recommend adding a link from your organisation's website.

When you are ready to invite people to access and browse your shop, you will need to share the shop URL.

The shop URL can be found by visiting your shop and copying the URL in the browser search bar as explained below.

  • To visit your shop navigate to Home > Click on the Joinin Shop tile

  • Once you are viewing your shop, highlight and copy the URL displayed in the URL bar



Tip: To link to a specific page in your shop, for example a section you have for merchandise, simply click into this page first, and then copy the URL.

Important: It is currently not possible to 'embed' or 'nest' the shop using web code into an existing page on your website.