How do I move a person between classes?

If you need to move a person between classes you can easily perform this action using the 'Move attendees to new class' timetable tool



  • Navigate to Home > Timetable 
  • Click on the class or event you want to view the attendees for

Tip: You can use the filter tool ' ' to easily find the class you wish to move an attendee from. The search option can also be used to search specific class/event names and locations 

  • Once you have selected the class and can see the attendees, select the 'Manage' tab
  • Select the attendee(s) you wish to move to a different class and click on the 'Move attendees to new class button
  • Click on the class that you wish to move the attendee(s) to
  • click 'Next'
  • The following section allows you to confirm the new start dates and billing options. Use the 'Modify' menus to make any changes to the default options
  • Click 'Next' 
  • In the final section, you can choose how to deal with any outstanding invoices that may exist on the contacts record. You can also change the amount, as well as the date of the new invoice.
    • To make changes to the initial invoice amount and date that the invoice gets generated, select the attendees, and use the Edit final cost and Edit date the invoice is generated buttons.

Tip: To 'lock in' an invoice price for all future renewals, make sure you tick the 'Lock price for renewals'  box beside the required attendees after you have edited their final invoice cost.