How do I pause billing for my customers?

There may be occasions when you need to pause the billing for auto-renewing payments


If you need to pause billing for auto-renewing payments for your customers, our simplest recommendation is to just edit the amount of the renewing invoice to £0.00, and then set the amount back to the normal price when they the customer is due to return.

An example may be if you are billing your customer monthly for classes, but your customer has suffered an injury that requires several months recovery.


  • Navigate to Home > Sales admin > Orders
  • Select the invoice for the member and choose to Change gross amount
  • Edit the amount and update, ensuring you select Lock-in the price for renewals

When the member is due to the return, follow the same steps and change the amount back to the normal price


Note: Your Orders will only appear 14 days before they are scheduled to be sent to your customers.