How can I see when a customer joined?

You can see the date a customer joined your organisation on LoveAdmin through the Contacts section of your account

You can see when a contact joined through the "Contacts" tile in LoveAdmin. This can been seen in the main tile through the column headings, selecting the "Contact Since" column.

Note: The "Since" date, or "joining date" is the date your organisation first become aware of the contact.

This means either the date than an administrator created the contact record or the date the person was first added to a product. 


  • Navigate to Home > Contacts
  • Click on the 'Manage Columns' icon 

  • Select the 'Add column' icon    at the bottom of the table 
  • Select the 'Contact Since' column header

  • Select 'Confirm changes'
  • The information should now be avialable to view on the main Contacts page