I received a charge from LoveAdmin that I don't recognise

Here's what to do if you see a charge from LoveAdmin that you don't recognise

I don't recognise a payment from LoveAdmin

LoveAdmin is a software company that makes administrative software and serves a large number of organisations including sports clubs, charities, membership organisations, educational facilities and supporters trusts.

For money to be taken by one of the organisations using our software, the user must have signed up for Joinin and made the initial payment to one of these organisations.

If you can't remember signing up yourself, or a relative to any such organisation through LoveAdmin, for the amount you've been billed, you can try to find more information about the payment through a Joinin account or in your emails. 

Through Joinin:

If you know you have a Joinin account, log in and click "Payments" then "Purchase History" to see if the payment matches any products and organisations in this list. 

Through Emails:
Any emails with a raised invoice will be returned and will have the organisation name in the email. Make sure to search through each email address you have access to and to check all spam, junk or deleted items. If you find the email, you can use the address it was mailed to, to log in to your Joinin account.

Note: If you find details on the payment and still do not recognise it, you can dispute the payment in your Joinin account or contact the organisation directly. 

Please do not contact LoveAdmin directly as we are unable to help with returning money from the organisations as we only provide the software to them, we do not run their admin.

If the organisation is non-responsive, or you cannot find any information about the payment, we suggest contacting your bank to cancel the payment.