JoinIn user guide: How do I reset my password?

How to reset a password for your JoinIn user account


If you are trying to create a password, first ensure you are on the the JoinIn sign in URL: 

Click on the Reset password link and follow the steps on how to reset your password

Important: Please note that in order to reset your password, you must have a registered JoinIn account and enter the email address associated with that account.


Why haven't I received a password reset email?

First, it is essential to note that to reset your password, you must have a registered JoinIn account and provide the email address associated with that account.

Have you entered your user email correctly?

If you do not receive an email for password reset after registering with JoinIn, it could be due to an incorrect email address entry. If you are unsure, we recommend reaching out to the organisation you are associated with to verify that the email address you are trying to reset a password for matches the one in their system.

Have you checked your spam/junk folders?

Check your email's spam/junk folders or any promotional folders provided by your email service provider.

Have you checked all other mail folders?

If you access your webmail, like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo, through a third-party email client or unofficial mobile app, some emails may not be properly retrieved.

For instance, Gmail has a distinct 'Promotions' inbox in the Categories section, where certain emails might be directed, as shown below.

If you use webmail and haven't received any emails, we recommend logging into your official web or mobile email application and checking all your mail folders to see if the email is located there.

Is your mail filter blocking the delivery of JoinIn and LoveAdmin emails? 

  • Consider adding to your trusted/safelist of emails. The process may vary depending on your email service provider.
  • Make sure to review your block sender list to check if or your club's email domain has been mistakenly blocked or unsubscribed.

If the following steps have been performed and there is still a mail delivery issue, then please contact the LoveAdmin support team on for further advice.