How do I add and manage consent questions?

Use LoveAdmin's consent management tool to reliably capture consent requirements from your customers

There will be times when you need to ask your customer's to consent to certain policies or agreements you have, for example, your terms and conditions or privacy policy. 

 The consents section and be found by navigating to Home > Settings > Data > Consents 

Creating or editing your consents

  • To edit an existing consent, select the consent from the menu on the left side
    • To add a new consent click on the '+' icon next to the drop down arrow in the side bar

  • The consent name is set in the first text box on the right side
    • Note that some consents have a fixed name that cannot be edited. This is because they activate additional features elsewhere such as photography status or medical information.
  • In "Description", write out the content of your consent.

Adding consents to your products

By using the following options, you can choose which products require contacts to answer the relevant consents. This can be done from two places:

In Home > Settings > Products

You have the most control over your consent questions in the Products tile.

  • Navigate to Settings > Products
  • Select your product or product group
  • Open the Consents panel in the Settings
    • Do not ask - Doesn't ask them the consent question
    • Optional - Allows contacts to opt-out of the consent
    • Consent is required - contacts must agree to the consent

consents view

In Home > Settings > Data > Consents

For each consent you can select the products to associate them with on the right side. Consents added from this section will default to being 'Optional' consents and contacts signing up or purchasing will be allowed to Opt-Out.