How do I manage groups and add users?

Groups are a great way to quickly control access to discounts, products and roles. In this article, you will learn how to create groups, assign the users and control groups settings.


Note: Groups are not required for the registration and purchase of services you offer; these must be created as products. For help setting up your products read our help article here.

Creating a group and assigning members


  • Navigate to Home > Settings > Groups
  • Click on the Add group button in the top-right and give a suitable name
  • To add your group members, click on the 'Members' tab

  • Search and select contacts from the list of names on the left > Click on the forward arrow button to assign

Discounts, Private Product Access and Roles & Permissions

The groups section can also be used to assign discounts to specific users, grant them access to private shop items or to give them Roles & Permissions throughout LoveAdmin:

  • Creating a discount and assigning it to a group will mean that members in that group can be given a discount that might otherwise not apply to them. For example, having a flat 10% discount applied to a group for coaches.


  • Private Product Access can be used to allow members of this group to have exclusive access to private products that are in your shop.
  • Toggling Roles & Permissions will mean that all members of this group will be given the corresponding roles. You can add multiple roles here and use groups to quickly control system access for your organisation staff. Creating a "Coaches" group and adding a new coach, the will inherit their permissions from the group.