Managing Offline Payments

Offline payments can be used to mark that a contact has completed payment outside of the system while keeping your LoveAdmin sales information up to date

Important note: Offline payments are designed to be used on the off occasion and should not be the standard payment method for your invoices. LoveAdmin service terms require organisations take at least 90% of payments online, through payment providers.

Offline payments are used in LoveAdmin to track when a contact has made a purchase outside of the standard payment providers and the payment is not run online. Offline payments can be recorded in the Invoices tile against any fully outstanding payment.

When a contact registers for a product through the shop or pays an invoice, they will always need to set up a method of payment. This means that by default, a vast majority of payments will come naturally through your payment provider. Due to this, if a contact is a standard registered user, the system is designed to take their payments automatically, and not give the option for offline payments. 

Steps for Recording Offline Payments

To record an offline payment, the payment cannot be pending or paid. It must be outstanding with no attempt made on the invoice. If your product settings are set to take payment on registration or take payment automatically, your contact will already have begun the payment and will not need to be recorded offline.

  • Navigate to Sales Admin > Invoices
  • Find the relevant invoice
  • On the far right, if possible, click "Offline"
    • If Offline is not an option, it means that the payment is pending or has started and will be taken online
  • Choose how the payment was paid, the value and the date
  • Select "Submit"

The invoice will be immediately marked as paid and will no longer be outstanding for your contact.

Offline Contacts

If there is a special case where a contact is always going to be charged offline, they cannot use a standard LoveAdmin account, as that requires online payments.

What you can do, is create an "Offline contact" that is owned and managed by the club and used to record offline payments.

Note: Offline contacts cannot be accessed by the contact themselves. They are fully owned and operated by the organisation's administrators. Emails will still be sent to the contact, but they cannot access their account.

Due to these limitations, it is advised that all your contacts sign up online and use the system as normal.

To create an online contact:

  • Navigate to Home > Contacts
  • In the top right, click "Add contact"
  • Select "An offline payments contact"
  • Fill out the required information
  • Select "Submit"

This contact will join the standard list of contacts. Admins will need to add it to products and mark the payments as taken as applicable.

The contact will exist under the account owner's joinin account.