How do I record payments I have collected offline?

You can record payments for invoices that you have collected offline, such as cash or bank transfers, by using the offline payments feature


The Offline payments feature in LoveAdmin is designed to help track you track payments you have received outside of the system, or 'offline'.

Offline payments can be recorded in the Invoices section.

How to record offline payments

Steps: To record an offline payment, the payment cannot be in a pending or paid status.

Invoices must be outstanding, with no attempt made on the invoice.

  • Navigate to Sales Admin > Invoices
  • Find the relevant invoice
  • On the far right, if possible, click "Offline"
    • If Offline is not an option, it means that the payment is pending or has started and will be taken online
  • Choose how the payment was paid, the value and the date
  • Select "Submit"



The invoice will be immediately marked as paid and will no longer be outstanding for your contact.