How do I create a product relationship?

This article will cover setting up relationships between different products.

You can create different relationships with certain products to make sure users have all required purchases or memberships before they can complete checkout.

For example, if your contacts need to have an Adult Membership, before they can sign up for a class, you can use a product relationship to force that link. They will not be able to register for the class, without also buying (or already owning) the membership.

Setting up Product Relationships: 

You can find this feature by heading to Settings > Products > Product relationships

  • Source Product - This is the product the contact will be buying (i.e. Class)
  • Linked Product - This is the product they need to own in order to purchase the Source Product (i.e. Membership)
  • Relationship Type - Choose required
  • Apply Discount? - You can add a discount to apply to the linked purchase
  • Action - Here is where you can save or delete
  • Navigate to Settings > Products
  • Choose the product you wish to set up a product relationship for here
    • Remember, this is the product the contact will be purchasing
  • Select 'Add Relationship'
  • Fill in the relevant information 
  • Select Save