Files and Online Media

In Files, you can upload and store files on your LoveAdmin account to be download, shared or imported

filestileIn Settings > Files, you can upload and store files. It will also act as a repository for your shop images, email attachments and member uploads.

To upload a file, simply select "Click to upload" in the top right hand corner.

There are a number of Actions to choose from as well:

  • downloadicon - Download file - Downloads a copy of the uploaded file
  • copylinkicon - Copy shortcut to clipboard - Puts a link to the file on your clipboard so that you  share the link.
  • delete icon - Delete file - Deletes the file from your storage
  • previewicon - Preview - Shows a preview of image files only
  • validatedataicon - Validate Data Import - Checks data on a member import before upload
  • rundataimporticon - Run Data Import - Imports member data

Warning: File names cannot include an ampersand (&) symbol in the file name as this will cause an error when trying to send an email with a link to the file. 

Caution: If you are planning of running a member data upload, please view our full article here.

Tip: Your contacts can also upload their own files on registration!