How do I add a person without an email address?

In this article you will learn how to add people to your offline contacts who may not have or require an email address

You can add an offline contact to your LoveAdmin account for any contacts who will not be using the online system, but are still parts of your organisation. You will not be able to contact those members using the system and they will not be able to make online payments. You will be able to invoice them, and mark those payments as being made offline - outside of LoveAdmin. Otherwise, the account will behave as a standard account.

Contacts that need to pay offline, can still do so with a standard LoveAdmin account and do not need to be an offline contact.

Offline contacts cannot become standard online contacts at a later date. In this instance, the online contact will need to create a new account.

Important: By adding offline contacts, your organisation owns the data that belongs to that person. Therefore your organisation is responsible for how this data processed and controlled thereafter.

Your organisation must abide by GDPR laws on how the person's data is processed, controlled and ultimately removed.


  • Navigate to Home > Contacts
  • Click on the Add contact button in the top-right
  • Choose the option to add 'An offline contact'
  • Complete all required fields and Submit