How do I attach a form for additional questions to a product?

Guide to adding your form to your products

Note: If you need to create additional questions, please see our lead article here.

 There are two ways to add a form to your products:

Method 1 - Through Data Sets

This is the same area where you create the registration form as well, so it's convenient to associate the forms to the product at the same time:

  • Navigate to Settings > Data > Data Sets
  • Next to "Additional Registration Fields", click the small arrow, then select the form you've created.
  • On the right side of the page on desktop or bottom of the page on mobile, you'll see a box marked "Associate with". In here, choose the products you need members to complete the form for.

Associate with a product

Here, the form is associated with the London Classes group and all members signing up for these classes will be asked to complete the registration form.

Method 2 - Through Product Settings 

  • Navigate to Settings > Products > Registration
  • Choose the relevant Product or Product Group from the left bar
  • Navigate to "Registration"
  • Select the Registration Form that they need to sign up to.Selecting a registration form

This will ask the people signing up for this product to complete the "Crew Sign Up" form.