How do I send automatic reminders for overdue payments?

You can use LoveAdmin's notifications to automatically chase customers for late payments

If a contact has not paid on time, you can set up a notification to chase them for payment. The notification can be configured to send a number of days after the invoice was raised and the payment was not initiated. The system will continue to chase until the payment has been made.

Tip: You can configure your products to require automatic payment which can help collect money from customers. 


The notification is called "Overdue payment reminder" and can be found in Settings > Notifications > Purchases and Payment".

You should find that the notification is set up already when you receive the account. The settings will look like this, if so:


In this instance, the email is set to chase the customer after 5 days. This notification behaves slightly differently from others as it must be set to set after a trigger. To adjust when the email chases:

  • Click on the blue text in the "Timing" column
  • Choose "[n][Frequency]..."
  • Set n to the number of days you'd like to wait before the email is set
  • Choose After
  • Choose Trigger
  • Click save

Changing the "n" value will let you set how many days after the payment is not initiated that you'd like the emails to send.

Adding Multiple Notifications

You can click "Add Notification" to create multiple instances of this notification. By limiting them to products, you can send a different message, specific to different products (if applicable). 

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