How do I delete a product?

Deleting a product in LoveAdmin will remove it from your shop and stop any contacts signing up for it. It can be brought back later

As part of your product settings, you can set a product's status to "Deleted" to hide it from general use and stop people signing up to it.


  • Navigate to Settings > Products
  • Choose the relevant product from the left sidebar
  • Under "Details", find status
  • Change the status to "deleted"
  • Click save

The product will now be hidden from your standard products list, will not longer be purchasable through your shop or by adding to a product.

You can toggle the "Show delete products" option to see or hide deleted products. Deleted products will have a bin icon next to them to mark their status.


If you wish to restore this item, you can show deleted products, select the deleted product and change the status back to public or private. 

Note: Deleting a product does not remove your contact's associations to that product. They still own the product as per the settings before its deletion. You will still need to remove them from the product if you want to end associations to the product.