How do I remove people from products?

If you need to remove a person from a product, for example if they have joined the wrong class or have ended a subscription, you can action this from a few places on your LoveAdmin system.


  • Navigate to Home > Contacts
  • First, select the product from the left sidebar that you want to remove the person from
  • Once you have selected the product, select the person from the list of contacts on the right
  • Open the Manage menu from the left sidebar and choose 'Remove from product'


'Remove from product' options


Items marked with an asterisk (*) will only appear for products with a schedule

  • Schedule* - This lets you choose which schedule to remove the contact from
  • From* - Choose specific days, dates and times to remove the contact from
    • All future sessions- Removes the contact from all scheduled entries
    • Specific sessions - Removes the contact from the selected dates only
    • From (and including) a specific session - Removes the contact from all applicable days on the schedule starting from the specified date
  • Credit account - Choose your credit options
    • No credit required - No credit will be applied to the account
    • Credit according to product price and billing - will default to crediting at the standard price rate of the product
    • Credit fixed amount - allows you to set a custom amount to be credited

  • Click Preview Changes
  • The next window allows you to select the contact(s) and finalise your decisions
  • When complete, click "Process" to remove the contacts from the product

'Preview Changes' 

Before finalising the removal, it is important to review the changes by selecting 'Preview Changes'. This step offers additional options for you to consider before proceeding.

Tick the box on the left side next to the contact to:
    • Edit credit amount - allows the credit amount to be adjusted
  • Cancel order - if the contact has an upcoming order (ie. has not been invoiced), you can choose to cancel the order, before it has been turned into an invoice
  • Cancel invoice - if the contact has been invoiced and the payment is not yet pending or paid, you can choose to cancel the invoice here


If the invoice can not be cancelled, you will see the following message:

If you'd like to keep the invoice outstanding for the contact to pay, do not cancel the invoice.


  • Raise credit - If you do wish to apply credit, you will need to select this box to confirm before clicking 'process'