How do I remove people from products?

If you need to remove a person from a product, for example if they have joined the wrong class or have ended a subscription, you can perform this action from within the Contacts section


  • Navigate to Home > Contacts
  • First, select the product from the left sidebar that you want to remove the person from
  • Once you have selected the product, select the person from the list of contacts on the right
  • Open the Manage menu from the left sidebar and choose 'Remove from product'

  • Choose your options
    • When removing a person from a product you can choose from when you want them removed.

      For example, if the person has given a week's notice, choose whether you wish to credit the person any fees.

  • Click Preview Changes
  • The next window allows you to select the contact(s) and finalise your decisions (the details on these options are outlined below)
  • When complete, click "Process" to remove the contacts from the product

'Remove from product' options

Items marked with an asterisk (*) will only appear for products with a schedule

  • Schedule* - This lets you choose which schedule to remove the contact from
  • From* - Choose specific days, dates and times to remove the contact from
    • All future calendar entries - Removes the contact from all scheduled entries
    • Specific calendar entries - Removes the contact from the selected dates only
    • From (and including) a specific calendar entry - Removes the contact from all relevant days from the schedule from the date included
  • Credit account - Choose your credit options
    • No credit required - No credit will be applied to the account
      • This can be overridden before finalising the removal
    • Credit according to product price and billing - will default to crediting at the standard price rate of the product
      • This can be overridden before finalising the removal
    • Credit fixed amount - allows you to set a custom amount to be credited
      • This can be overridden before finalising the removal
  • Fixed amount (only appears if "Credit fixed amount" is selected) - lets you set a value to be credited.
    • This can be overridden before raising the order

"Preview Changes" options

Before submitting the product removal, you will first need to "Preview changes"; this step includes some further options:

  • Select the contact on the left side to edit the options at the top of the window:
    • Edit credit amount - lets you set a final value to be credited
    • Remove actions - lets you remove the contact from the processing
  • Invoice/order no.  - will display if the contact has on order, or has been invoiced, or if they've paid and so on
    • This will limit the options you have next. If the option isn't selectable it means it isn't possible
  • Cancel order - if the contact has an upcoming order (ie. has not been invoiced), you can choose to cancel the order, before it has been turned into an invoice
  • Cancel invoice - if the contact has been invoiced, you can choose to cancel the invoice here
    • If you'd like to keep the invoice outstanding for the contact to pay, do not cancel the invoice
  • Raise credit - This allows you to confirm that you'd like to raise credit based on the options
  • Issue refund - This allows you to issue a refund for the purchase.
  • Suspend renewal - Allows you to suspend all future renewals for this product - can consider this option as being a 'pause' on their billing. Use this option if the person may be returning to the class, for example after an injury lay-off
  • Fully remove - Will fully remove all connections between this contact and the product you are removing them from; you will need to add this person again to the product in the future.