How do I raise an invoice credit?

In this article you will learn how to raise a credit against an invoice

There may be instances when you need to amend the price of an outstanding invoice for your customer, or raise a credit against one that has previously paid.


  • Credits can only be raised against existing invoices only.
  • You can raise full or partial credits raised against outstanding invoices
  • Credit raised against reconciled invoices (where the invoice has been fully paid) will be added as an 'account credit'. Your customers can view and apply their account credit via their JoinIn account,
  • Available account credits will be applied automatically against the next invoice with auto-collection billing enabled, or can be applied manually by your customers for any outstanding invoices they have on their account.
    The main advantage of using credits over refunds is that credits do not incur any additional fees.

    Credits that have been applied behave in two different ways:
    1. Credit raised against an outstanding invoice will reduce the amount payable on the invoice.
    2. Credit raised against a reconciled (fully paid) invoice will apply the credit to your customer's account ready to used as follows:
      1. The credit will be automatically applied to the next invoice that is issued with auto-collect billing enabled
      1. Or if your customer has outstanding invoices which have not auto-collected, the credit can be manually applied by your customer. Their account credit can be found and applied when paying their invoice via their JoinIn account: as demonstrated below:

    How to apply credit to an invoice


    Through Sales Admin > Invoices

    • Navigate to Sales Admin > Invoices
    • Find the invoice you'd like to raise credit against
    • On the right side under "Action" click "RC"
      • If the option is not there, it means it is not possible to assign credit to this invoice, for example if the invoice has already been cancelled.
    • Enter the value of the credit required and click "Create credit note"

    Credits against an invoice will highlight in red in the Credited column.

    Through "Remove from Product"

    When removing a contact from a product, you will also get the option to apply credit if you wish. Full information on this are available on our Remove from Product article.