How do I edit the amount of an order for a customer?

If you have scheduled orders, or orders awaiting your approval, you can choose to edit the payable amount before it converts into an invoice, and even lock-in the price for auto-renewals

Note: Once an order converts into an invoice on the payable date, you will only be able to add credit to the invoice, and reduce the amount payable. For help on adding credits, click here.


There may be occasions when you want to  adjust the amount of an order before it is converted into an invoice for your customer to pay. 

Some examples of why you may want to do this are:

  • You want to discount an order payment for a customer on a discretionary basis
  • You want to pause auto-renewing payments for a customer and set the order amount to £0.00, with the intention of re-instating the full amount later


  • Navigate to Home > Sales admin > Orders
  • Select the orders you want to edit
  • Click on the 'Change gross amount' button and set you new payable amount > Update
    • If you want to lock-in the price for the next automatic renewal, tick 'Lock price for renewals'


Tip: Setting a 'pre-purchase approval' on your products is an easy way to review someone's order amount, and their registration details, before you raise their invoice for payment.

For help with setting up your product billing preferences, click here.