How do I issue a full or partial refund?

This guide will walk you through the process of issuing both full and partial refunds for your completed payments.

 Invoices are considered reconciled once the payment has been settled in full and paid out to your account. In some cases, you may need to refund some, or all, of the payment to the payee. This process can be carried out from the Sales Admin > Payments section of your LoveAdmin account.


Note: Refunds through London & Zurich are not currently supported within the LoveAdmin system



  1. Navigate to Home > Sales admin > Payments
  2. Opposite each completed payment in the Actions column, you will see 'Refund'
  3. Click on the Refund payment action

  4. Decide whether to issue a partial refund or a full refund


Credit Notes

As an alternative to refunds, you are also able to raise a credit note against a fully outstanding, or fully reconciled, invoice. This credit will then be applied towards the contacts future payment(s). To raise credit against an invoice, navigate to Sales Admin > Invoices and if the invoice is eligible to be credited, it will appear with a small 'RC' on the far right, under the 'Actions' column.



For more information on raising credit notes, click here


Note: Refunds will be subject to the same settlement times as the initial payment. Therefore please be advised that depending on your connected payment provider, the payee may need to wait a number of days before the payment is returned to their account.

For more information on the settlement times for each payment provider, please refer to our help article here.


Important: If you're experiencing issues with trying to refund payments then try following our troubleshooting guidance here.

Refund Fees


When payments are taken through LoveAdmin, a fee is taken to cover our fees and the fees of the payment provider. When you refund the full value of the invoice, the fee is not returned in any way and the value is covered by the club. For example:

  • A payment of £10 is made, with fees totalling 50p. £9.50 is received into the organisation's bank account
  • This is listed as £10 in your invoices. If you refund the full value, you will be sending £10 back to your member
    • As the organisation's bank account only received £9.50, the 50p fee will be made up by the organisation to refund the full £10 that the member originally paid
    • This means that for this payment, you will lose 50p in fees when the payment was received and a further 50p when you refund the value of the fee to your customer. In this instance, that totals £1 of the price difference.

This will still occur if you are running Gross-Up Fees. If you wish to avoid these fees, we'd recommend using the credit notes system (outlined above). You could also partially refund the user based on the value received, minus the fee, but you'll need to make sure your customers are aware of this before doing so as from the customers perspective, they will not be receiving the full refund amount.