How do I create or import Development Programmes?

The Learning tile in LoveAdmin lets you build your Development Programmes for tracking your member's progress

Note: If you use a common development programme, such as British Gymnastics or Swim England scheme, we may be able to load it in for you from our pre-set programmes. Submit a ticket to find out more.


In Settings, the Learning tile contains the options to create a programme and to manage the skills on a Development Programme. 


To create a new development programme, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to Settings > Learning > Create
  • Name the scheme
  • Select a price (enter 0 if free)
    • If you wish to add another development programme, click the plus
  • Click Next
  • Leave the status as public, and click "Finish & save"

The development programme is now created and will appear as a product in Settings > Products.


This is where you add the skills and more information to your development programme:

  • Navigate to Settings > Learning > Manage
  • On the left sidebar, select the Development Programme you want to adjust
  • Click "Create new level" to create a level within which you can create individual skills
  • Click the level name that appears to expand
  • Here you can set:
    • The level name
    • A short description
    • The number of skills required to pass and the option to auto-award when reached
    • Connect to a product as the reward for passing a level, eg. a badge
  • To add a new skill, select "Add new skill"
  • Here you can add:
    • The name of the skill
    • A short description
    • An image to be associated with the skill
    • A video URL to link to a demonstration or training video for the skill
  • Click "Add new skill" to add more skills to this level or "Create new level" to add another level or "Save" to finish.

Once a development programme is created, you can track and record the progress of contacts in the Timetable. There is no need to assign contacts to the development programmes, they will all be available to track by default.