How do our customers update their personal information?

Here's how your customers can update their personal information, consents, registration data and medical information

When your customers registers for one of your products and creates a joinin account, they become the sole controllers of their personal data.

All personal data must be updated directly by the user by signing into their joinin account; the information cannot be changed by an administrator at your organisation.

Updating personal information for the  contacts / beneficiaries linked to the User


  • Your customer must sign into joinin either via your shop, or by visiting
  • Once signed into joinin, the customer needs to choose the contact's from the dashboard, or from "Friends and Family" on the sidebar
  • Your contact can choose from several options here:
    • Personal Information - To update their name, address, date of birth
    • Registration Forms - To update any registration form answers for organisations
    • Medical Forms - Update their medical information
    • Consents - Update their consents for organisations
    • Files - Update their shared files
  • Emergency Contacts can be updated from the sidebar under "Account > Contacts"