How do I give private access to certain members?

Users can be given private access to products. This article explains how this is managed.

Note: An alternative to this is to link to hidden products in the shop. If you don't want to grant private access to contacts, this option may be better for you.

Before adding private product access for your members, make sure you have firstly created your products and then groups with the added members. 

Select here to learn how to create products

Select here to learn how to create groups

Method Through Settings > Groups: 

  • Select the group you wish to grant private access to
  • Click Private Product Access on the top menu 
  • Select the product/s you wish your members to have access too

Any contact that is in a group with private product access will be able to private items that are available in your shop.

Side Note: The products you select must be showing as Private in the product management under details.

Private Product Access(Click animation to enlarge in a new tab)

Method Through Settings > Products

You can also grant private product access to a group already set up through the Product settings:

  • Navigate to Settings>Products
  • Select the product you'd like to adjust the private access to
  • Choose the Permissions tab
  • Under "Groups (Private Access) you can also toggle the private access on and off.

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