Linking to a Hidden Product

There are times where you may want contacts to register for a product that's only accessible by direct link. Here's how you can set that up

There are many situations where you want people to be able to sign up for a product, but not to advertise that product directly on your shop. You could use this for early access to an event, or for taking sign ups for staff events.

Each shop item has a unique link that you can share, even thought the product isn't otherwise accessible.

Note: This is different from private product access, where you can set a product up as private in your shop unless you have given a contact access to view it. The advantage of this method is that you don't need the contact to be on the system, or to manually add them to a group.

Here are a few ways you can approach this and how to set them up:

Direct Link to a Product Not in the Shop

With this method, you set a product up for registration, but do not associate it with a shop tile, preventing anyone from finding the product without the direct link. This is advised for individual products without multiple schedules.

  • Navigate to Settings > Products
  • Ensure that your product has the status set to "Public" so that it can be registered for by any user that can access it
  • In Settings, select "Shop" and make sure the product is not associated to any shop tile
    • This will mean it does not appear anywhere in the shop, but is still available for registration
  • Get the shop link and distribute it however you wish
    • If the product does not have a schedule:
      • Select "Shop" at the top of the page, next to Permissions
      • Copy the URL of the page that is opened
    • If the product does have a schedule
      • Navigate to Settings > Schedules
      • Find the schedule you wish to link to
      • Select the shop icon shopicon
      • Copy the URL of the page that is opened

Linking to a Hidden Shop Tile

An alternative option is to create a shop tile for a set of products, save the direct link to that tile and then deactivate the tile. The tile will still function, but will not be visible in your shop. The benefit of this is if you wish to link to a number of different choices, such as scheduled events.

  • Create a shop tile for your products and assign the products to the tile
    • Make sure the tile has a name and is Active
  • Navigate to Home > joinin
  • Open the shop tile you intend to hide
  • Copy the URL of the page that is opened
    • It's good to keep this saved in a document for future use
  • Navigate to Settings > Organisation > Shop
  • Next to the tile, untick "Active"
  • Click the Save icon 

This shop tile link will stay active and can be distributed to anyone you wish, without being directly selectable for the shop.