Managing Instalments

Instalments allow your contacts to break payments up into small monthly amounts and are set by the organisation

Instalments are managed as part of your product settings and allow your customer to choose how many monthly payments they'd like to pay in, up to a max which is set by the organisation's admins. When contacts sign up through the shop they will be able to choose how many instalments they would like to pay in and the total price will be broken up accordingly.

Note: If a customer is added to a product directly, there is no option to choose the number of instalments on their behalf. If you'd like to offer the instalment option, you will need to invite them, or direct them to the shop.

Maximum and Remaining Instalments

Instalments are designed to work in conjunction with advance sign-ups to offer an easier way to pay. The organisation sets the maximum number of instalments. The instalments will behave differently depending on how you are billing:

If you bill your contacts on the anniversary of their purchase (ie. a rolling period starting from when they purchased), your remaining instalments will always match the maximum number, regardless of when the purchase is made.

This differs from the behaviour when the billing has a fixed start date. If you are billing from the 1st of September, and offer nine monthly instalments, anyone scheduled for, or signing up on the day itself will be able to choose from the total nine instalments. 

This can cause an issue if a contact purchases later in the season, let's say January. At this point, if the customer is offered the full nine instalments, they will still be paying over summer and at the beginning of the next season. To avoid this, all instalments with a fixed billing date will automatically reduce the number of available instalments each month so that the payment is completed for all contacts at the same time. In the example above, a contact purchasing in January will be able to choose up to five instalments.

This can be used in conjunction with the pro-rata feature to mean you don't have to adjust the price or number of instalments for your season. 

Warning: Currently, the auto-adjustment of instalments is happening sooner than expected. If you find that the number of instalments being offered is too low, simply increase the maximum for the time-being.

The "Remaining" instalments figure should be the number you want to offer.

Note: If you currently have a fixed season, but still wish to offer the maximum number of instalments, you will need to adjust the instalment number each month to ensure it stays at your desired figure.


Setting up instalments is easy to do, and is found in Settings > Products.

  • Navigate to Settings > Products
  • Select the product group or product you'd like to adjust
  • In details, open "Billing and renewal"
  • Under "Instalments" click "Yes" to allow monthly instalments
  • In Maximum instalments, set your total possible instalments
    • This will also list the number of remaining instalments and the final available instalment date
  • Per Instalment Premium can be used to charge an extra fee for each instalment paid
  • Select "Save"