How do I manage Direct Debit mandates?

A Direct Debit mandate is an authorisation from your customer to collect future payments from their bank account, without the need to approve each request

A Direct Debit mandate is created when your customers pay through GoCardless or London & Zurich via the shop checkout or via the Mandates section in their online joinin account.

All Direct Debits require a mandate to operate, but this does not mean that the payment with be collected automatically or will recur.


This choice is set in: Home > Settings > Products > Billing and Renewal > Collect payments automatically?

If this option is set to "Take payments automatically", the customer is considered to have a pre-authorisation, and and future invoices raised will be collected without requiring extra action by the payer. 

If the option is set to "User must authorise each payment" then the user must login to their Joinin account to complete the payment if an invoice is raised.

Advance notice to customers

Every time a request is submitted from your organisation to collect a payment from your customer's Direct Debit mandate, your payment provider will issue an advance notice to customer to provide notice of the collection; an example of the notice emailed to customers is below.

Typically this notice will be sent to the customer 3 working days before the collection; the advance notice is a legal requirement and cannot be disabled.



Cancelling a Mandate:

It is not possible for an admin to cancel the mandate on behalf of a contact. The contact will need to do this through their Joinin account: 

  • Log in to
  • Select "Payments" on the sidebar, then "Mandates"
  • Select the organisation the mandate has been set up with
  • Select "Cancel"

There is a notification (Settings > Notifications) under "purchase and payment" called "pre-authorisation cancelled" that can be configured to contact an admin if a contact cancels their mandate.

Viewing Active Mandates

In Settings > Contacts, you can configure an extra column by clicking the cog icon image-png-Mar-11-2022-09-40-10-11-PM in the top right and ticking "Mandates". This will show you active mandates against that contact. This will not show cancelled mandates.