Contacts Overview

The Contacts section helps you to manage your Contacts information and perform a variety of tasks, such as sending out communications and adding people to groups and products.

Note: The Contacts section will only show users that have purchased an item through your shop, or have been manually added to your organisation.

For more information on types of contacts and how to manually add them to your system, you can view our 'How do I add a contact' help guide.

Users added manually that already have a Joinin account will need to accept an invitation before appearing in your Contacts. 

Users marked as inactive will not appear in your Contacts. To see users marked as inactive need to select groups and then click on the 'inactive users' group.

Account owners Vs beneficiaries: How to identify your contacts


Note: The LoveAdmin interface will be known as Joinin to people outside of your organisation.


Only account owners can log into JoinIn. Account owners can update their personal information and share this information with your organisation. Account owners can add and link more beneficiaries to their account via their Joinin account. 

An account owner has the ability to connect multiple contacts, referred to as beneficiaries, to their JoinIn account. For instance, a parent who is a JoinIn user can link all of their children to their account. Each account owner and beneficiary will have their own individual contact records that can be accessed through the LoveAdmin system.

You can identify who is the account owner and who is the beneficiary, by checking the name shown in the 'Account owner' column.

In the example below, Tim and Theo Duddley are both beneficiaries of the account owner, Sarah Duddley.


Contact record 

To view a full contact record click directly on the contact name. 




Personal information includes all fundamental details about that contact.This information can be managed by the account owner through their Joinin account and most details can also be edited by administrators, via the contact record.

You will also find tabs for Products and Billing, Communication, Attendance, Development programme and Membership info. 

For more information on navigating your contacts records, click here

Using the sidebar to filter contacts and perform actions

You can use the filter in the sidebar to help filter contacts and perform actions.

you can select specific product groups using the drop-down menu, simply use the checkboxes beside each product group to filter the contacts list.

Note: When all checkboxes are deselected then all contact records will reappear.


The sidebar is dynamic and will allow you to perform actions once contacts have been selected - use the checkbox beside each contact to make a selection.

Once a contact has been selected, you will see Manage, Communicate and Data drop-down menus appear in the sidebar. 


Customising the Contacts view


The default view when you enter Contacts displays contacts' Names, Personal email, Addresses, Town, Roles, Account owners, and invitation status.

This can be customised to include other data recorded about the individual by clicking on 'Manage columns' in the top right.



Tip: You'll have received full training on the Contacts section during your onboarding training. If you need more help navigating contacts, we'd suggest re-watching the recording of that training call.