Contact Record

The contact record is used to view all the data for an individual contact and to see reports for their payments, communications and progress

The contact record is designed to tell you everything you would need to know about an individual. It can be found in Home > Contacts by clicking the record icon next to a contact's name: contactrecord. It can also be found in the Timetable by clicking on the contact's picture.

The record shows:

  • Personal information
    • Personal information provided from their joinin signup
    • Medical information
    • Emergency contacts
    • Connected people - any siblings or family members linked to the account
    • Consents - see answers to your consent questions
    • Additional registration fields - see answers to your custom questions
    • Internal data - answer and see answers to your internal questions
    • Notes - Create and read notes on the contact 
      • Internal data and notes are seen and managed by your admins only
    • Shared files - view and manage any files uploaded by the contact
  • Financial information - this mimics sales admin and reports
  • Communication reports and settings
    • Message history
    • Send message - sends communication to this individual contact
    • Timeline activity
    • Preferences - Set customer preferences 
      • Currently the only option is for emails
  • Attendance 
  • Development programme
  • Membership information

All information you have collected on a contact is visible here, from their account owner's information to their consents and medical information. The page is easy to navigate to find the relevant information.

To view the equivalent information on a club wide scale, use the Reports or Sales Admin.