Contact Record

The contact record provides a comprehensive view of all information relating to an individual contact, including details on payments, communications and registration froms.

Note: You can easily access the contact record clicking on the name of the account owner or beneficiary from various locations within LoveAdmin. Alternatively, you can use the main search function located in the top right corner of your LoveAdmin account to quickly find and view the relevant contact record.


Information displayed on the contact record includes:

  • Personal information
    • Personal information provided from their joinin signup
    • Medical information
    • Emergency contacts
    • Connected people - any siblings or family members linked to the account
    • Consents - see answers to your consent questions
    • Additional registration fields - see answers to your custom questions
    • Internal data - answer and see answers to your internal questions
    • Notes - Create and read notes on the contact 
      • Internal data and notes are seen and managed by your admins only
    • Shared files - view and manage any files uploaded by the contact
  • Products and billing 
  • Communication
    • Message history
    • Send message - sends communication to this individual contact
    • Timeline activity
    • Preferences - Set customer preferences 
      • Currently the only option is for emails
  • Attendance 
  • Development programme
  • Membership information

To access the equivalent information for your entire organisation, navigate to the Reports or Sales Admin section of your LoveAdmin system.