Organisation Overview

The Organisations section is for setting and managing organisation level settings, such as your address book and discounts and shop branding

In this article we provide an overview of each section and what each section helps you to manage.

The organisations tile is found in Settings > Organisation and is broken down into further tiles as listed below.


  • Upload Logo - Here is where you can upload your Organisations Logo which will be shown in your shop. 
  • Organisation name - The name of your account and how your organisation name will display within your account and to your customers
    • If this needs to be changed, please contact us.
  • Address - You can select which address to use, using the drop down selection. You add and manage your address in your address book here.
  • Billing Address - You can select which address to use, using the drop down selection. You add and manage your address in your address book here.
  • Domain - Your email domain. This will be entered for you if we set up whitelabelling (see below)
  • Website - You can enter your website link here
  • Email (from address if white-labelled) - The email address entered here will be used as the default 'reply to' address each time a person replies to an email sent from the system

Note: By default, emails will be sent by Whitelabelling allows LoveAdmin to send emails via your email domain. For example, if your email domain is "", it can be configured that LoveAdmin system emails are sent by an address of your choosing from that domain. For example, "".

If you are interested in whitelabelling, and it was not completed during your account setup, please contact us. 

  • Sector tags - These are tags that are created to reflect the sectors you operate in and are used to better customise your experience. 

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Accounting / Billing

  • Accounting period start - The  date here will apply the default date range to your financial and payment reports
  • Primary billing frequency - This is set to when you generally expect to take most of your income. This allows LoveAdmin to identify when you might be experiencing trouble with the system
  • Gross up fees for all payments - Grossing up fees passes all LoveAdmin fees onto your customers. The fee will be added to their invoice at the point of payment
  • Primary Sales Tax Rate (%) - If your organisation does not use your country's standard tax rate, you can set it up here. This can be overridden at the products setting level when setting your pricing
  • Suspend all billing until - If a date is set, all orders due will be postponed until this date, no further invoices will be scheduled and no purchase will be possible through your shop
  • Billing currency - Set your default billing currency


LoveAdmin enables you to create a variety of different discount strategies you apply to your products and services. For example, you can offer group discounts and multi-purchase discount strategies based on your chosen criteria and have these automatically applied.

To learn how to set up your discount strategies and apply them, click here.

Membership card

Here you can build a virtual membership card that can be accessed by your contacts through their joinin account. 

Address Book

Use the address book at add all of your operational site addresses. Addresses can then be added to your schedules, to inform people of which address a class is running for example. 

Payment Providers

LoveAdmin integrates with a number of different payment providers to process and settle payments through the system.

For help on how to link your payment providers click here.

The rates for each payment provider can be found in our help article here.


Set your organisation's brand colours here. The colours you choose will be displayed in the joinin Shop, in both the top banner, and the shop tiles.

Choose from a primary colour (this is your background colour), a primary text colour and a secondary background colour.

Shop tiles

The main shop tiles you want to display in your shop are created and managed in this section. Once your shop tiles are created, you can link your products to these so they are visible in your shop. For help setting up your shop and tile, click here.