Payments - Sales Admin

View the status of all online, offline and credit balance payment activity across your organisation and run refunds

The Payments Tile can be found by navigating to Home > Sales Admin > Payments

The Payments tile will display key information about pending, completed, cancelled or refunded payments. It's also where you can trigger refunds for your customers. You sort, filter or search each of the headings below to manage your data.

Payment creation date - The date and time the payment was created
Payment ID - Every payment on your account will have a unique payment ID
Invoice number - Every invoice will have a unique invoice reference #
Account owner - The payer is the account owner/user who made the payment. For example, this could be the mother of a child paying registration fees for the new football season
Payment Provider - The name of the payment provider used to make the payment
Amount invoiced - The total amount due on the invoice
Transaction fees - The LoveAdmin and Payment Provider's service fee, if the payment was made online through a payment provider
Predicted collection date - The estimate for when the payment will be collected and received into the bank account associated with the Payment Provider.
Status - The status of the payment, and whether this has been completed, is pending, cancelled or refunded.
Actions - allows you to show references, show the payment timeline, refund the payment or retry a failed payment.

Tip: You can adjust the timeframe for visible payments at the top of the page by changing the dates in the "Payments made between" date boxes.