Why can't I issue refunds?

If you are trying to issue refunds to your customers through LoveAdmin and are experiencing issues, you can try following our troubleshooting guidance

Only once an invoiced is reconciled can it be refunded. If the invoice is not reconciled, and the payment is pending,  it cannot yet be refunded, as no money has yet been settled.


Note: GoCardless recommend allowing 7 days from the payment being charged before actioning a refund. To find out more, read the GoCardless Refund safety Information here.

  • Have you contacted GoCardless to enable refunds on your account?

The ability to process your own GoCardless refunds is enabled on a case-by-case basis and subject to meeting certain requirements. For help enabling refunds on your account, click here.

  • Do you have enough money in your GoCardless account balance?

Your available refund amount is shown in your GoCardless account, under the settings > company info page on your dashboard.

You will only be able to refund up to the amount that you currently have available in your refund balance. For help on understanding GoCardless negative/positive balances, you can view their help article here.

  • Have you recently changed your bank account details?

If you have recently changed the bank details linked to your GoCardless account then this will prevent you from directly refunding payments paid out to the old account.

In this situation, we advise contacting the GoCardless support team directly.

To request a refund by the GoCardless team on your behalf, follow the steps in the help article here.

London & Zurich

Refunding through London & Zurich is not currently active in LoveAdmin. You can however raise a credit note against an invoice.


  • Was the payment made within the last 60 days?

PayPal does not support refunds older than 60 days. If you have a refund to make that is older than 60 days, we would suggest raising a credit note in its place.

  • Did you run the refund through your LoveAdmin account?

Always ensure that PayPal refunds are issued from within the LoveAdmin system, and not directly from your business PayPal account; this will result in the payments being refunded back to LoveAdmin, and not to the user.