Groups Overview

Create groups to organise users and control access to your products and discounts

To access the Groups section, navigate to Home > Settings > Groups

Groups can be used to assign admin permissions, discounts or private product access for selected users. If you wish to give private access, a special discount or roles to a select set of contacts, use a group. Here's what you can do here:

  • Create a group - Choose "Add group" in the top right to name and create a new group
  • Members - Add or remove contacts from this group
  • Discounts - Apply a discount to that group only
    • For example, if you offer your coach's children a discount, you can create a unique discount for them, apply it to a group and add the required members.
  • Roles - Choose what roles to assign to contacts in this group
  • Products - Allow contacts in this group to access private products through your shop
    • Note, the product must be attached to a shop tile to be visible to those with private access

For more information on how to do the above, view our full groups article here. 

What is the difference between group and product?

Products are services and offerings you provide at your organisation. Your products can be added to your shop for users and visitors to purchase; for example, classes, memberships or merchandise.

Use your groups to give controlled access to products, discounts and roles. Contacts cannot join groups directly and must be added by an admin.