How do I manually add people to products?

You can manually add people to products at any time. Typically you may do this after a bulk contact import or if you're moving someone to a new schedule

Adding a user to a product allows you to both add contacts to a product and the choice of whether to bill them or not. This differs from inviting to products which instead sends an invitation to the contact, where they can decide if they want to purchase or not.

Tip: If you are moving a member from one product to another, we recommend adding them to the product first, before removing them from their existing product. For more information on removing members from products, view our full article here.

Adding people to products


  • Navigate to Home > Contacts
  • Select the contact(s) you wish to add to a product by using the checkboxes
  • Once you have selected your contacts, open the Manage menu from within the left sidebar and choose ''Add to product'
  • Select the product you wish to add the person(s) to
  • Choose your options 
    *These are outlined below for each product type
  • Click Preview Changes
  • The next window allows you to select the contact(s) and change the final price and billing date, should you choose to:
    • Edit post-discount amount - lets you set a final price to be billed
    • Edit payable date - lets you schedule the payment as an order, to be invoiced later
      • Leaving this blank will raise the order as an invoice immediately
    • Remove - lets you remove the contact from the processing
    • Lock price for renewals - tick this box to keep this price for all future renewals. If unticked, the price will apply to the current invoice, then reverse to the standard price on renewal.
  • Click Process orders to finalise 

Tip: If the order cannot be processed, there will be an additional tab "Cannot be purchased" with the reason listed for the failure. You can view our full article reasons and how to amend them here.


The basic steps for adding to a product will always be the same, but depending on what type of product you're adding contacts to, you may get a different set of options. To make these easy to follow, they have been laid out separately below.


Options for a Membership/Subscription Product

  • Price - Choose the price from your product settings 
  • Subscription start date - choose when this subscription/membership starts
  • Subscription end date - choose when this subscription/membership ends
      • This doesn't have to match your fixed length from the product settings. You could set a membership that is normally a year long, to finish early, in line with your next season starting.

Options for a Merchandise Product

  • Quantity - Set a quantity to be purchased
  • Price - Choose the price from your product settings 
    • This can be overridden before raising the order

Options for a Class, Event or Team Product

  • Schedule - Let's you choose which schedule to add the contact to
  • Price - Choose the price from your product settings 
    • This can be overridden before raising the order
  • Schedule times (appears if your pricing is "same day of week, same time") - Let's you choose the session day and time for recurring classes
'To' - Choose specific days, dates and times to add the contact to
  • All future calendar entries - Adds the contact to all relevant entries from the schedule
  • Specific calendar entries - Adds the contact to the selected dates only
  • From (and including) a specific calendar entry - Adds the contact to all relevant days from the schedule from the date included
  • None (just raise the invoice) - does not add the contact to the schedule. This is used for ad hoc payments for a contact already on the schedule
  • Move to waiting list if over capacity? - If ticked, this will add the contact to the waiting list, only if the capacity is already full. If the capacity is not full, it will always add selected contacts to the product

Invoicing - Choose your invoicing options


  • No charge - This will not charge the member in the first instance only. Any renewals will be charged at the standard price selected above. The user will not receive an invoice
  • Raise invoice according to product price and billing - will default to charging at the standard price rate above
    • This can be overridden before raising the order
Raise invoice for fixed amount - allows you to set a custom fee 
    •  This can be overridden before raising the order
  • Initial payment provider (does not appear if "No charge" is selected) - Select the payment provider you'd like to use
  • Subsequent payment provider (does not appear if the product does not auto-renew, or offer instalment options) - Select the payment providers you'd like to use for recurring payments
  • Fixed amount (only appears if "Raise invoice for fixed amount" is selected) - lets you set a fixed amount.
    • This can be overridden before raising the order

    Tip: If you have bulk imported contacts into LoveAdmin then you may wish to now allocate people to their relevant products.

    Use the 'Import tags' search method to help you quickly allocate people to their correct products.

    Use the search button in the top-right of the contacts area and select the 'Import Tags' search field. You can then proceed with searching for words that match the tags you used in your import and finding the associated contacts.

    Read our help article here to learn further how to use the contact search tool.