How do I raise a general invoice for a person?

If you ever need to raise a one-off or additional invoice for a contact, this article will teach you how

There may be occasions when you need to just raise a general invoice for a person. Perhaps a contact was missing a payment before they joined LoveAdmin, or there is an additional fee you need to charge for a penalty. 

Note: If a customer is late on their payment, or hasn't yet paid an invoice, you can enable the system to chase with emails and they will be able to pay through their joinin account. This article is for sending an additional invoice for payment.

If the contact is being added to a product manually, you can adjust the cost at that point if necessary.

Raising a General Invoice for a Scheduled Product

If you have a contact who needs an additional invoice, say they were never billed for something in the past, you can add the contact to a product again and raise an extra invoice. This will only work for Classes, Events or Team product types:

  • Navigate to Home > Contacts
  • Select the contact(s) you wish to to raise an invoice for
  • Open the Manage menu in the side bar
  • Select Add to product
  • Select the product with a missing payment
  • Select the schedule and price
  • Under "To" select "None (just raise the invoice)"
    • This is what allows you to raise an additional invoice without affecting the contact's current attendance status
  • Select the appropriate invoicing options, preview changes and submit the invoice

The contact will be sent the invoice as described and can be billed for a custom amount.

Using "Money" Products to Collect Fees


If your product is not attached to a schedule or is just a general fee (Red Card Fee, Late Payment Fee) you can run those manually using a "Money" product type. You can also use this to raise an invoice for any missing payments.

The "Money" product type is a very basic product that can be used simply to invoice one-off amounts. It does not have other features like schedules or renewals, but is useful for picking up additional fees or missing amounts of money. 

  • To create this product, use the article here, making sure to choose "Money" as your product type
  • Once created, your 'money' product will be stored within your 'request a payment' section. To view this section, you will need to enable Ad hoc payments on your account. For more information on where to do this, please us the article here

Tip: Make sure this "Money" product is not linked to any shop tiles to avoid customers accidentally attempting to buy this.