How do I add my coaches to LoveAdmin?

Learn how to set up coaches on LoveAdmin

Coaches can be added to LoveAdmin and assigned the "Coaches" role. You can then assign them to schedules to allow them to see and manage the Timetables for their classes and sessions only, without giving them access to all of the members on your account.

How to Add a New Coach to LoveAdmin

Manually Adding the User

  • Navigate to Home > Contacts > Click on the Add Contact button in the top-right 
  • Choose Staff Member and fill in the required fields
  • From the Assign role drop-down menu select Coach
  • The coach will receive an email invitation to create a password

Once the coach has verified their email and created their password, their account and role will be active. For full details on manually adding users, view our full article here

Getting Coaches to Sign Themselves Up
Alternatively, you can create a Subscription/Membership Product for your shop where coaches can sign themselves up. We'd recommend the below settings:

  • Product Type: Subscription or Membership
  • Price: Free
  • Billing: Immediately, pre-purchase approval

This will allow your coaches to sign up through the shop and create their own accounts and the pre-purchase approval will mean you can vet these sign-ups before they join. Once the coach has signed up, you can add them to a coaches group to assign them the "Coach" role. 

You could also create a registration form for them to capture their qualifications, first aid expiry etc. or set up an internal form so that you can manage those things yourself, you can do this from Data > Forms and Fields and then by applying this to the product in the product's settings.