How do I cancel or change a contact's renewal?

Here's how you and your contacts can cancel or alter your renewals

Suspending or Adjusting a Contact's Renewals

Once a renewal is set up, it will continue to run for as long until the product is deleted, the schedule ends or the renewal is suspended by an admin. You contacts cannot directly suspend or cancel their renewals, but they are able to cancel their mandate if they wish to stop paying. This will not stop the system from renewing their purchase and sending them an invoice, but it will stop automatic payments from being collected.

Suspending a Renewal

Suspending a renewal, will stop the renewal from occurring again. If a contact does not wish to be renewed for a product, the administrator would need to choose to suspend the renewal. 

This can be done in two places:

  • Through the renewals report
  • When removing the contact from a product
    • The "Full removal" option will also suspend all renewals

Warning: Suspending will stop the product from renewing again but it will not cancel any existing orders or invoices. If you want to ensure that any existing orders and invoices are also cancelled, use the "Remove from product" option and choose "Full removal" as described above.

Adjusting a Renewal

If you wish to adjust a renewal, you can change it once it becomes an order. By default, your renewals will generate an order 14 days before they are due. This figure can be adjusted in the product settings.

Once a renewal becomes an order, you have all of the option to change the billing date and the gross amount from the Orders tile.