Managing Waiting Lists

Contacts can sign up to a waiting list if their chosen product is full, to be contacted when space is available

When creating products, such as classes, you may wish to set up a waiting list for when these sessions become full. The waiting list will collect the information for those who wish to join a full schedule and can work automatically, or be manually controlled by organisations.

Contacts will sign up to the waiting lists of full products when they register with joinin. You can also manually add contacts to waiting lists of full products through the add to product options.

Note: Waiting lists for scheduled products run for the length of that schedule only. If you are running termly or block schedules, you may wish to use a product as a waiting List

Creating a Waiting List

Waiting lists are set up to run as soon as they are selected and saved from the product settings:

  • Navigate to Settings > Products
  • Select the relevant product or product group
  • Click "Waiting lists"
  • Set the waiting list type and max list size as desired
  • Select "Save"

Products as General Waiting Lists

Some organisations, such as swimming schools, keep a general waiting list that isn't tied to a specific class or schedule. For these, we recommend setting up a separate product for this waiting list and manually controlling it. This "Product" waiting list has no automatic options and behaves like any other product, but can take the place of a general waiting list. The usual settings are:

  • Product Type - Money or Subscription/Membership
  • Price: Free
  • No pre-purchase approval

Contacts will populate this list as a normal product and it can be managed from Contacts.

Waiting List Types

There are four choices for waiting lists in LoveAdmin, two that are automatic, one that is manual and then the option not to have a waiting list. You can also run a waiting list as a separate product.

Waiting lists can be controlled and set up in Settings > Products. The four choices are:

  • First in, first out
    • This is an automatic setting and requires the "Waiting list space available" notification to be active
    • When a space is available, the first contact on the list will be sent an invite to the product. If they don't want the space, the next contact will be invited and so on
    • We recommend this for recurring weekly classes
  • Broadcast to all
    • This is an automatic setting and requires the "Waiting list space available" notification to be active
    • When a space is available, all contacts on the waiting list will be contacted and the first to purchase the product claims the space
    • We recommend this for pay as you go products and for events.
  • Manual
    • Manual waiting lists are fully controlled by the admins with no automatic features
  • No waiting list

Note: You can still run the manual commands on one of the automatic waiting lists if you wish. However, you cannot interrupt their standard automatic behaviour.

How to Promote or Delete from the Waiting List

Waiting lists are predominantly managed from Timetables/Calendars & Fixtures. This is only part of the system where you can promote contacts from the waiting lists.

  • Navigate to Timetables/Calendars & Fixtures
  • Find the relevant calendar entry and select "Waiting List"
    • You can also open the calendar entry and select the waiting list switch icon: waiting list
  • From here, select the relevant contacts
  • On the left sidebar open manage:
    • Delete attendee - removes the attendee from this calendar entry only
    • Delete from waiting list - Removes the attendee from the waiting list for all sessions
    • Promote from waiting list - Adds the contact to the session and invoices them as per the original chosen settings and the billing settings
      • Please note, this may charge your contact immediately, so make sure you are happy with the process before proceeding
      • Promoting will ignore capacity limits
    • Invite to product

Viewing Waiting List Information

You can view waiting lists for all of your schedules from Settings > Schedules under the "Waiting  lists" tab.

From here you can see the waiting lists by individual calendar entries, by schedules or by attendees. These items can be filtered using the product filter on the left sidebar.

You can expand the report with the plus icon (+), to select contacts and delete them from the waiting lists.

Waiting List Notifications

There are automatic notifications that can manage the automatic waiting lists. These can be found in Settings > Notifications:

Removed from Waiting List - Triggers when the contact is removed from a waiting list
Promoted from Waiting List - Triggers when the contact is promoted to the class. This is sent in addition to any relevant invoice emails.

Waiting List Space Available - Triggers when the schedule is no longer at capacity

Manually Adding Contacts to a Waiting List

Note: It's not currently possible to add a contact to a waiting list for a product that isn't already at capacity.

You can manually add a contact to a waiting list through the add to product option in contacts:

  • Navigate to Home > Contacts
  • Select the contact(s) you wish to add to a waiting list by using the checkboxes
  • Once you have selected your contacts, open the Manage menu from within the left sidebar and choose ''Add to product'
  • Select the product the waiting list is attached to
  • Choose your options
    • When choosing "To", select either "Specific calendar entries" or "From (and including) a specific calendar entry"
    • Tick "Move to waiting list if over capacity?"
  • Click Preview Changes
  • Click Process orders to finalise