Getting started with LoveAdmin

New to LoveAdmin but not sure where to start? Just follow our quick start guide and you'll be up and running in no time!


Video: Watch our joinin overview video to learn more about the features and benefits for your customers.


1. Apply your organisation settings

Your Organisation settings are found under Home > Settings > Organisation

The Organisation section allows you to apply fundamental organisational level settings, such as your accounting period, tax rates, registered addresses and payment provider(s).

Applying your organisation settings correctly will ensure you account runs smoothly and that your financial reports are accurate.

2. Add your products and schedules

Anything you offer to your customers that will require a registration or payment, will need to be setup as a product. Examples of products are memberships, subscriptions, classes, events, merchandise and fines.

Once you have added your products, your products can then choose to assign schedules, including any dates when you are on holiday, and discounts.

Tip: When creating your product structure always aim to use product groups where possible to group together related products. Think of this process much like creating a file and folder structure on your computer.

Doing so will help you to manage and organise your products much more easily and will avoid you having to apply the same settings across multiple products that have a commonality; for example, you may have several products that all have the same pricing, billing, waiting list type, age restriction, consent and discount settings. By using product groups, these settings can be simply applied once at a group level so that all products contained within the group inherit the same settings.

3. Add your registration forms and consents

When your customers choose to register or pay for a product they will be required to create a Joinin account - Joinin is the brand name your customers will know LoveAdmin as.

As part of this sign-up process, Joinin requires people to enter a set of personal information, and these personal details will be shared with you at all times. This process avoids you having to repeatedly ask the same personal questions and creating needless registration forms.

With users in control of their personal data, the responsibility of managing personal data sits with person who owns the joinin user account, thus helping your organisation to meet your GDPR and data protection obligations.

4. Import your contacts (optional)

If you plan to import data for your existing members, we advise you do this via a bulk import.

LoveAdmin is equipped with a data import tool to help you easily manage this process using a spreadsheet template.

5. Preparing Your online shop

By this stage you should have now created your products and have these ready to offer your customers. Before customers can find your products however, you will need to link the products to relevant sections in your online (joinin) Shop.

The online shop is the primary interface your customers will engage with to register for products and make payments. Once your shop is ready, you can start sharing the link to drive customers. 

6. Preparing your communication templates and notifications

LoveAdmin comes prepared with an email communication and marketing tool to help you professionally communicate with your customers. 

LoveAdmin already includes a host of ready-to-use email templates but also allows you to create your own and unlimited template library.

System templates are automatically sent from LoveAdmin when certain system events occur, such when a person purchases a product, or when an invoice is raised.